Taking the FOMO
out of NFTs & Crypto

Find out more about our mission & unrivalled data driven approach to accurately & instantly price the blockchain industry!

Our Mission

We’re looking to offer users an unprecedent level of accuracy in terms of pricing blockchain assets and here is how:


A blend of crypto, blockchain, ML/AI, finance, mathematics, programming and marketing experts with proven experience launching REAL projects. The team is also expanding!


Currently in development, the first version of a thoroughly researched & planned algorithm that will analyse and learn trends to determine accurate pricing at first, followed by forecasting.


From the data compiled & trends analyzed, a wealth of previously unimaginable insight will be on offer, further supporting the development and mass appeal of the industry.


The aim is to work on numerous ways by which the platform and its results can be used for relevant industry needs. It will eventually power all accurate pricing needs, where needed.


Already backed with initial stage financing, the company has enough resource and the foundation upon which to build a truly unrivalled innovative product.

World's First

This section of the blockchain industry only has a handful of companies trying to work on the same sector. Our product, however, will be the world's first that will be able to to it on scale.


As we just started working on the platform & algorithm, the roadmap is still subject to further change and refinement. We will update our followers via official channels accordingly.



Meet Our Team

Our team is heavily experienced, diverse and dedicated. Our network of advisers is also fairly impressive – from crypto degens to true financial moguls.


The Boss

Experienced professional with a career within marketing, business development, strategy, organizational management and other related areas spanning nearly two decades within a variety of different innovative industries. A crypto enthusiast.


Spiritual Guide

Focused on the IT Industry since 1996. Fascinated by blockchain since 2016. Implemented integrated systems management infrastructure and designed systems architecture for many Financial Institutions and banks.


Data Wizard

A professional in the field of analysis from the beginning of his career, using it mainly within the banking and financial sectors. Also, a proponent of fundamental valuation, as well as an expert in financial modelling. Currently sitting deeply in data science.


The Architect

Bogdan became involved in the blockchain world while still studying IT at one of the best technical universities in Poland. In this world, he has found his passions and fulfills himself as a blockchain developer.

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